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You must be 25 years but below 75 to rent.
This is due to our insurance company's policy. Sorry, no exceptions.
Visitors driving permits are no longer necessary.


It is not necessary to obtain a Visitor's Driving permit. You can drive in the Cayman Islands provided you have a valid driver's license.



You'll need to know these

before renting on island:





Card is required for payment.

Company policy. Again, sorry, no exceptions.





We offer two types of insurance:



If you choose to avail comprehensive assurance for your rental, you should be aware that comprehensive covers both parties in the event of an accident. However there is a deductible of the first US$1200.00 in damage costs.


Third Party

Our most basic form of insurance, third party covers the other party in the event of an accident. You are solely resposible for any damage to your rental vehicle.


No Insurance

You are more than welcome to decline all insurance. In the event of an accident, you will be solely responsible for all fees and damage costs.

Online reservations


You should reply to our confirmation email no later than 7 days to validate your reservation. Online reservations with invalid email adresses are automatically void. To cancel an online reservation, simply reply to your confirmation stating that you wish to cancel. If you have questions about your reservation, feel free to call us at +1 (345) 948-2424 . (8:00am - 6:30 pm)

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